Product Review: Aldi Leather Jacket (£99.99)

What’s good about the Aldi Leather Jacket?

Well-designed considering the price tag, this jacket has good Velcro-type cuffs and zips, a double popper on the neck and soft padding round the collar. This is a well armoured jacket with very sturdy shoulder armour and a back protector that feels massive, and a little too rigid for my tastes. Arms and elbows are great, properly designed for motorcycling, with pre-curved elbows making it comfortable both on and off the bike. For those cooler mornings there is a zip-in lining, which can be removed for summer days. The two adjustable Velcro straps for the waistband help to seal out the wind, or if too hot two zipped air vents at the back can let it in. It’s basically a nice looking jacket, not too fussy, made from really nice soft grain leather with a satin finish. It’s well worth the money.

And what’s not?

It has two rather small hand pockets and two chest pockets, and one good sized one inside, so don’t plan to take much. Because Aldi don’t keep stock in for long you might also need to visit several stores before finding one. The only other downside is people saying “How much? From Aldi, really, let me try it on”.

Time tested

Three months/400 miles


Quality rating


Value rating



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