Product Review: KTM two-piece rainsuit (£98.18)

What’s good about the KTM two-piece rainsuit?

This is like the Rolls-Royce of rain suits - the quality is lovely and it doesn’t feel like it’s been made out of an old Tesco carry-bag like some cheaper suits. This suit feels tough enough to last and not rip in a heavy rain storm. There are two outer pockets on the jacket, reflective strips on the back and front and the inner liner makes it easier to get over damp leathers. The pants are equally excellent with huge ankle-to-waist zips on each leg making it so much easier to get them on in a hurry. The ankle straps are adjustable which means you can easily get them over bulky race boots. This is by far the easiest rain suit to get on and off quickly.

And what’s not?

Both the jacket and pants have some reflective parts but I’d still like more, and I’d also prefer them in a brighter colour. At just shy of £100 they are on the expensive side too, but they do feel high-quality.

Time tested

Three months/1500 miles


Quality rating


Value rating



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