Product review: Acerbis Adventure Suit

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What's good and what's not about this Acerbis Adventure Suit?

Price: Acerbis Adventure suit £355 

Time tested: Eight months/two events

 What’s good? Unlike a great deal of off- road gear, this suit is not embarrassing to be seen in and that’s the main reason I got it. What you get is a light, two-piece riding suit with removable armour and over-boot trousers. There are three layers: waterproof and thermal inners and the abrasion resistant fabric outer shell. If you keep all three you have a decent adventure bike suit for the road, but I’ve just used the outer part for a week of Isle of Man trail riding and the Hafren Enduro.

It’s super-technical: there are cool air vents on the chest and arms, wicking inner fabric, unzippable sleeves, lots of pockets, a mini-map panel on the left arm, and good windproofing. It’s very comfortable, too. Washing couldn’t be easier. It’s almost dry by the time it comes out of the machine. I really like it.

What’s not? Wearing the trousers over my Acerbis motocross boots leaves them vulnerable to hot exhausts. And somethreadshavestartedtofray. Contact 01582 491076

Quality: ★★★★★

Value: ★★★★★ 


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Rupert Paul

By Rupert Paul