Product review: BMW Rallye suit

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The Rallye suit from BMW is a top-shelf offering, but falls short where it really matters.

Time tested: 4 months/12,000 miles

Price Jacket £550, Trousers £435, ThinkPak Hydra £23.00 

What’s good?

I absolutely love this suit; it’s comfortable and feels really well made for proper adventure riding across any terrain. The suit is made from BMWs ProTechWool, a fabric that feels both soft and durable; it’s almost like wearing regular clothes with armour.


The jacket has more pockets than I could ever fill. It has vents everywhere and is the best suit I’ve used in hot weather. I’ve never been too warm in it, even on the hottest days this summer and when throwing my GS test bike around off-road. It’s also complimented by a hydration pack pocket in the back too that fits the optional 2-litre ThinkPak Hyra bladder. And, if you’re riding somewhere really hot you can even take the sleeves off, should you desire.

It’s a really heavy suit, but in a reassuring way, and this is mostly down to the substantial armour. It’s made to be used off-road and deal with big knocks and though I thankfully haven’t tested this, I am confident that it will perform well should it be needed. 

What’s not?

The waterproof layer that comes with the suit doesn’t actually keep me dry. I’ve ridden through plenty of bad weather only to find that it’s let me down. It’s a real shame because it detracts from what is otherwise a brilliant suit and at this price point, letting in water just isn’t acceptable. It also doesn’t come with a thermal liner and can get quite cold if the temperature is less than 10-degrees, though I have bought a decent thermal layer from a reputable outdoors shop that has sorted this.

Quality rating: 5/5
Value rating: 2/5

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