RiDE review: Dainese Carvemaster

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Think you can’t get a Gore-Tex Dainese suit for £600? You can. While the jacket is expensive, the matching Galveston trousers are £200, so the suit just about comes in on budget – though you’d have to add your own back protector and hip armour.

Otherwise, it’s a suit with very few negative points– venting could be better in hot days and there’s no internal pocket in the jacket once the thermal liner’s removed. However, it was flawlessly dry and so comfortable the road tester found it hard to fault, beyond the lack of a back protector.

Price: £640, £440 (jacket), £200 (trousers)


Jacket scores
Construction: 7
Comfort: 5
Cold weather: 4
Hot weather: 3
Waterproofing: 5
Total: 24

Trouser scores
Construction: 7
Comfort: 5
Cold weather: 4
Hot weather:
Total: 24

Suit total: 48/60


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