RiDE review: Wolf Tec-Tour

A high-spec suit, with CE Level 2 armour throughout, plenty of vents for hot days and adjusters, a storm collar for wet ones and a quilted Outlast liner for cold ones. It has a pouch for a hydropack, plus plenty of pockets.

The tester praised the way it managed to be light and comfortable while feeling tough, with plenty of adjusters to get a good fit. However, he didn’t rate the cuffs as they didn’t open quite wide enough for winter gloves. “And the zips are terrible,” he added. It remained dry, even in the pockets, over more than 2000 miles on test.

Price: £570, £330 (jacket), £240 (trousers)


Jacket scores
Construction: 8
Comfort: 4
Cold weather: 4
Hot weather: 4
Waterproofing: 5
Total: 25

Trouser scores
Construction: 8
Comfort: 4
Cold weather: 3
Hot weather:
Total: 24

Suit total: 49/60