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The experience of building adventure bikes has clearly taught Triumph plenty about what riders need from their gear, shaping the highly specified, well-finished Exploration suit. It was faultlessly waterproof at all times on our test. The thermal liner is warm, but take it out and open the large vents and the suit is set for summer in a hot climate. There are lots of adjusters to tailor the fit and more pockets than you can shake a stick at – six on the outside of the jacket, four inside it, with another four on the trousers.

It’s not quite perfect, as our road tester noted that the Exploration suit does become quite bulky when all the layers are fitted. More irritatingly, the cuffs of the jacket and trousers don’t open quite wide enough, making them hard to get on over big winter gloves and larger motocross-style boots. “But it feels exceptional for the price,” he noted. “I like the looks, the function and the quality of it.” It’s that high standard of finish and performance for the money that makes it our Best Buy suit.

Price: £605, £365 (jacket), £240 (trousers)


Jacket scores
Construction: 9
Comfort: 3
Cold weather: 4
Hot weather: 4
Waterproofing: 5
Total: 25

Trouser scores
Construction: 9
Comfort: 3
Cold weather: 4
Hot weather: 4
Waterproofing: 5
Total: 25

Suit total: 50/60


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