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Jordan's worn the Acerbis Adventure suit in the searing heat of the Moroccan Desert and a damp, cold Thetford Forest. How did it fare?

What’s good?

Most adventure branded gear is no good for actual off-road adventure riding – it’s simply too heavy and restrictive to wear. The Acerbis Adventure suit is totally different because it’s really a rally suit that can be used for adventure riding, although I think that’s a good thing.

It comes with waterproof liners plus thermals, so it can be used for plugging miles on the road, but it’s most at home off the beaten track. Once you head off-road, the fit and function all make perfect sense. I’ve done all sorts of riding in this suit, from rally riding in the searing heat of the Moroccan dunes to green laning in the miserable cold of Thetford Forest.

Either dressed up or opened up, it’s been perfect and the in-built pocket for a hydration bladder is brilliant. One of the best features is that you can zip the sleeves off and wear just the gilet over a lightweight jersey to fulfil your ultimate Dakar fantasies.The trousers are also available in two different fits (touring and baggy) depending on whether you’ll be off-roading or soft-roading.

It’s also remarkably hardwearing. I couldn’t count how many little offs I’ve had in this suit but it took a huge 40mph slide to leave any visible damage. If you’re looking for an outfit that’s at home on the trails but doesn’t leave you looking like a power ranger, then this will be pretty much spot on. 

What’s not?

It could just be bad luck but the second time I used the suit one of the vent poppers broke, then about six months in the main jacket zip broke. Acerbis did say that assuming you hadn’t clearly trashed it, the jacket would be repaired or replaced under warranty. 

Price £355
Quality 4/5
Value 4/5

So what about the competition? 

Jordan's also tested the Spada Stelvio Adventure suit it's a direct competitor for the Acerbis Adventure suit and worth considering.

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