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Resurgence Rocker Classic Retro style jacket

This jacket is reserved for the hottest summer days so has seen plenty of use during this year’s scorcher. However tempting it is not to wear a jacket when the mercury rises, the Rocker gives me peace of mind thanks to the Knox CE shoulder/elbow protectors, a back protector and above all abrasion protection from the PEKEV lining, which is good to know if the worst should happen.


As a jacket, the Rocker is very comfortable, flexible and unobtrusive, with effective air vents on the chest for cooling. The outer is Teflon-coated for good water resistance and to help repel dirt, which works pretty well as the jacket still looks fresh after three years’ use. This is a cool, light and well-designed bit of kit.

  • Tested – 12000 miles over 3 years
  • Price - £325
  • Quality – 4 stars
  • Value – 4 stars

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