Product review: Triumph Brecon jacket

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After testing this Triumph Brecon motorcycle jacket over six months, covering 1500 miles, I discovered the jacket is very light and has plenty of vents, straps plus a couple of pockets. It makes a perfect adventure bike jacket, especially for those destined off-road where you can quickly overheat.

However it’s actually almost too breathable, especially on the arms, meaning you easily get cold on the open road.

Triumph Brecon jacket pocket

The Brecon jacket is one half of Triumph’s new Gore-Tex range (there’s also the heavier single-layer Malvern). There’s Gore-Tex inside but it’s not just a liner, it’s a proper waterproof jacket in its own right, so you can wear it off the bike.

There are matching trousers (£275) but they’re in the same action-man green, so wearing it all together can look a bit much.


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Jordan Gibbons

By Jordan Gibbons

News Editor, owns some old bikes. Should know better.