Review: Aquapak belt case

What’s good? It’s ideal for wearing under my leathers on a sports bike. Even if it pisses down, my phone and wallet are kept safe and dry.

You can wear it as a bum bag or hang round your neck under leathers. The makers claim it’s so waterproof that you can swim underwater with it on.

I dropped a smaller version into a pint glass to prove it works.

hankfully, it did! Divers and boatmen swear by these.

What’s not? It’s quite expensive. But then, considering what it’s designed to protect, you have to ask yourself how much your soaked mobile phone and mushy contents of your wallet would be worth.

It does, however, look like something you’ve stolen from a hospital.

Rating: *****
Aquapak belt case, £25
Miles covered/time:
2150 miles/one year

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