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Mobiwasher, £99.99
Time used:
Six months

What’s good? It’s portable (you can plug it into the cigarette lighter of your car), relatively light (even with a full payload of tap water) and quite a nice colour.

It also directs water at your motorcycle, although sadly just doesn’t quite have the power to shift grime like a petrol station jetwash.

It’ll suffice for wetting your bike before you get busy with the S-Doc 100 and sponge, but sadly that’s about it.

What’s not? As mentioned above, it’s not powerful enough to shift stubborn grime or flies, and it actually takes less time and hassle to wet your bike with a bucket of water or hose.

If you’re an avid dirt bike rider, it might be worth looking at for taking the worst of the clods off your crosser before sticking it in your van to come home.

You’ll still need to stop off at a proper jetwash before you put the bike to bed, though.

Rating: 2/5

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott