Product review: Swarfega Orange

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Swarfega Orange, £4.49
Time owned:
Three months

What’s good? This renowned hand cleaner shifts oil, grease and general dirt from grubby hands – ideal for avoiding crud-encrusted washing-up liquid bottle syndrome.

Swarfega’s miles better than Fairy Liquid, anyway – you can feel the little micro-polymer granules in this solvent-free cleaner scouring your mitts, resulting in hands you can eat your dinner off (or with).

Pump-action dispenser is easy to use and means you don’t have to delve your hands into a tub and contaminate it for future use.

Didn’t even know they did an orange version until recently, but the citrus whiff rounds off the whole cleansing experience nicely.

What’s not? Fragrance could offend Swarfega purists (but not me personally).

Contact: Local bike shops or see Bikemart for local dealers
Rating: 5/5

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Mark Holmes

By Mark Holmes