Product review: Andy Strapz Luggage straps

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Andy Strapz Luggage straps £23 a pair
Miles covered/time:
2000 miles/five years

What’s good? Attaching soft luggage to a bike can be a challenge.

Bungee straps and cargo nets are great when you find the optimum length and hooking points but more often than not they’re too short, too long plus they can damage paintwork.

Andy Strapz are made from a type of stretchy seat belt material with long Velcro strips at either end.

To use you feed a strap through your bikes rack or grab rail then under and over your luggage. Pull the strap tight and engage the Velcro strips.

I’ve used the straps on several touring holidays and they’ve never come loose. Being elastic means that they resist coming loose due to vibration.

What’s not? Your bike needs to have a grab rail or a rack

Rating: 4/5

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