Product review: Oxford Monster lock/chain

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Oxford Monster lock/chain, £85.54 on MCN Shop
Time owned:
Eight years

What’s good? I’ve had this lock for the best part of a decade and it’s deterred thieves on at least two occasions.

First time, teenagers booted down my back gate in the middle of the night, ripped the cover off my bike and left after seeing it was securely locked.

Second occasion was a similar scenario, except this time the door of my lock-up garage was forced.

My heart was in mouth as I coaxed the damaged door back open, but the bike was still there (there was no sign the lock had been attacked).

Other than that, the mechanism still works perfectly, despite the lock being used outdoors for most of its life and the fabric sleeve is still in decent nick.

What’s not? Very little. It’s a bit clunky to carry about, although it will slot under the seat of some older bikes so long as you are cunning with the way you stash it.

And, of course, no lock is completely thief-proof so the normal advice of not leaving any chain on the ground where it’s vulnerable to attack applies.

Verdict: Five stars

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Simon Brown

By Simon Brown

MCN Senior Production Editor