Motorcycle gear review: Pro-Bolt Progauge bolt measure tool

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Pro-Bolt Progauge bolt measure tool £4.99

Time used: Six months

What’s good? When you’ve amassed several tins of bolts (new and used) over the years it’s good to sort them into sizes and store them in old ice cream or margarine tubs.

Similarly, when replacing original engine and component bolts for lightweight alloy items, it makes life easy when ordering the correct sizes. The easiest way to do this is to use this cheap and simple bolt measuring device from Pro-Bolt.

The credit card-sized workshop Progauge features serrated teeth used to gauge thread pitch (0.7mm-1.75mm) and the M4-M12 holes tell you the bolt’s diameter.

Place the bolt’s head against the Progauge’s bottom edge and you net the bolt’s length up to 90mm. And if no bolts measure-up it’s likely to be British tat and should be slung.

What’s not? The way so-called friends eye up the gauge with a look that says ‘I’m having that away.’ I also find it distressing having to tell so-called friends to f*ck off when they ask to borrow it.


Rating: 4/5

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Trevor Franklin

By Trevor Franklin