Kit Review: Oxford Moldex earplugs

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Oxford Moldex earplugs £1.99

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Miles covered/time: 15,000 miles/two years
What's good? For the price, these are probably the best piece of motorcycling equipment I own. Instead of an ear-piercing, fatigue-inducing wind roar filling my helmet, every long journey has been serene and pleasant thanks to these little bungs. The case is a big selling point, as it keeps them safe and dry in your pocket year round. They last for ages [four plugs last me a year on average], fit brilliantly and look colourful, which is strangely pleasing.
What's not? The case isn¹t too hardy and I¹ve broken the thin plastic hinge beforeŠ but then I just bought another one for two quid. You could buy big packs of lower quality ear plugs for even less money, but why would you want to?
Rating: 5/5 

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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel