Product review: Oxford 28-piece underseat toolkit

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Oxford 28-piece underseat toolkit, £11.99
Miles covered/time:
15,000/two years

What’s good? Slim enough to fit under most seats, this kit comes with a decent range of tools that you’ll need in an emergency: Allen keys, a set of screwdriver heads and extension bar, 5mm-11mm sockets, needle nose pliers, wire cutters and two electrical screwdrivers.

The carry case is hardy and lightweight and it’s reassuring to know that if some part of your bike falls off, you can reattach it and get home. Not bad for twelve quid. And better than most ‘toolkits’ supplied with new bikes.

What’s not? It’s not a comprehensive tool kit and it really is just a supplementary “peace of mind” buy to go alongside your complete set in the garage.

The screwdriver heads aren’t too strong and will snap and shear if you use them for anything other than light work.

As a portable emergency kit, though, it’s a worthy buy. Certainly a must-have if you’ve bought a used bike that has no onboard toolkit.

Rating: 3/5

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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel