Product review: Muc-Off detailing brush

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Muc-Off detailing brush, £3.99 (£3.99 on MCN shop)
Times used:
seven months

What’s good? It came free with a Muc-Off cleaning kit. I was impressed at first as it appears to be quite solid and useful.

The rubberised handle makes it easy to wield and it’s small enough to get under and around the more intricate parts of your bike.

What’s not? I made the mistake of going near my chain with this brush and now it’s as good as ruined.

The tarry deposits of filth that I tried to clean off the chain guard and chain itself have just stuck to the tightly arranged bristles and not even an extended soak in Muc-Off cleaner has shifted it at all. Disappointing on both counts.

Rating: 2/5

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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel