Product review: Garmin Nuvi 550 Sat Nav

Garmin Nuvi 550 Sat Nav, £299.99 (£219.69 on MCN shop)
Miles covered: 6000/one year

What’s good? In the six months since I last reviewed this, it has proved capable of enduring shocking abuse. I dropped it while trying to do several things at once, and in a ham-fisted attempt to catch it, managed to bat it in a long, high arc over my head before it finally crashed onto tarmac. Aside from a scuff, it’s fine.     

What’s not? It’s supposed to be able to find the nearest petrol station or shops. But this seems to confuse it. After following its directions for several miles, it will tell you you’re no nearer than when you started. It also seems unable to give you the nearest petrol station en route. It should have a hold switch to stop it turning on by accident in your pocket and flattening the battery. Comes with few accessories included - bracket and power leads for bike mounting are extra and hideously expensive (about £35 for the bracket). The estimated arrival time is always unrealistically early. On the whole these problems seem outweighed by generally good maps and indestructibility - just.  
Rating: 4/5