Product review: Rubber mallet

Rubber mallet, around £5 from cheapo tool outlets
Miles covered/time: Four years/lots of seized or awkward things

What’s good? Motorcycles are precision made pieces of engineering – or so manufacturers would have you believe. They’re really big chunks of metal that don’t always co-operate when you’re working on them, which is where the rubber hammer comes in. Seized and tight fitting components can be given a hard whack to get them moving without damaging threads, misshaping or bending them, as well as tapping things like clutch covers in to place without damaging paint or the part itself. Handy for tent pegs too.   

What’s not? It still hurts if you mash a finger with it. Sharp edges slowly chew the face and edges up – after a few years hard butchery this one is starting to fall apart. But they’re cheap, and sacrificing a five-quid hammer here and there is better than knackering bits of your bike.
Contact: QD-type cheapo hardware shops/tool stands at shows
Rating: 4/5