Tool review: Cruz Tools sliding T-bar socket set

Cruz Tools sliding T-bar socket set, £17.70
Miles covered/time:
One year

What’s good? Before I used a T-bar, I didn’t see the point – I already have a socket set. But they’re so convenient for removing and fitting things quickly, especially the bodywork, brake caliper bolts and gearbox drain bolts on my race bike.

They fit easily in my toolbox too, and the sockets included (8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 17mm hex plus Phillips screwdriver and 5/6mm allen) cover most of the type of things I’d use it for – it accepts any other 3/8 socket too. Finish is holding up well so far.

What’s not? Nothing. I’ve never been anything other than pleased with them.

Contact:, 01306-885111
Rating: 5/5