Product review: Scott Voltage Cruiser II goggles

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Scott Voltage Cruiser II goggles, £45.50
Miles covered/time: 400/one month

What’s good? Have you seen them? Just like the 50s-style bike I ride, these marvels of eyewear (and, come to think of it, they are quite ‘comic-book hero’) attract a great number of lingering glances and double-takes.

They’re utterly draught-free, don’t mist, are easily adjustable and seat nicely in the aperture of my Davida Jet helmet.

The mirrored lens lends a rose-tinted hue (literally – the lens is pinkish in tone) to everything I see, and obscures my eyes from view (which is handy for gawping at women on petrol station forecourts).

What’s not? Let’s be clear about what these are designed for – they’re for cruisers.

Therefore, take with a pinch of salt the fact that, when in a head-down, racing crouch (the accepted riding position for my Enfield Clubman) the dipped ‘furrowed brow’ chromed section of the goggle frame obscures vision.

This is the single niggle I have.

Rating: 4/5

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott