Product review: Dr Optic visor cleaner

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Dr Optic visor cleaner, £1.99 for 24 wipes or £3.99 for an 18ml spray bottle
Miles covered/time:
400/one month

What’s good? This new visor cleaner is extremely portable and true to its claim to provide ‘smear-free cleaning’.

The finish it leaves on my visor, goggles and even sunglasses and iPhone screen is undeniably sparkling. And at just shy of two quid for a pack of 24 wipes, the Dr Optic wipes are very reasonable value for money. But…

What’s not? A more effective method of cleaning flies from your visor is to use a slightly damp sponge, or moist kitchen roll laid over the offending Perspex for a short while.

Also, the supplied micro-fibre cloth picks up muck very quickly. This really is best used when you’ve either a. already cleaned the worst off your visor, or b. have a lightly soiled visor to clean.

If you go for a 200-mile blast on a hot summer evening, you’ll get through this stuff at an alarming rate.

Contact: 0845-603-1348.
Rating: 3/5

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott