Product review: Venhill 500A quick-action throttle

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Venhill 500A quick-action throttle, £39.20
Miles covered/time:
One year/one race season

What’s good: Standard TZR250 throttles seem to turn 360° before you get full throttle – this Venhill item can be switched between 1/4 turn and 1/8th turn (if you have a death wish).

I’ve left it on 1/4 turn, and it’s given quick, smooth throttle openings. It’s been quite resilient – it took an 80mph tumble through Cadwell’s run-off to split it in half.

Even then the construction allowed me to fashion a bodge by bolting the two bits back to the plate on the side, with a spot of glue as well.

Renthal medium grips (£6.85, 01522-791-369) gave it the finish quality touch.

You’ll need a cable too – these can be manufactured to suit your bike, or a DIY cable kit is available.

What’s not: For the TZR the throttle cable is attached to two individual short cables for each carb – where they fit in to the splitter, the cable sheathes can be disturbed if you’re working on the bike, leading to ear-splitting, full-throttle revving the moment you start as the carbs are pulled open.

Tape and a bit of care working on the bike solves it – most bikes won’t need the splitter anyway.

Contact: 01306-885111
Rating: 5/5

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Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging