Tool review: Clarke Professional Wire Lock Pliers

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Clarke Professional Wire Lock Pliers £18.79
Miles covered/time: One year/many metres of wire

What’s good? Racing rules dictate that oil drain plugs and filler caps need to be lock-wired for safety, and the neatest/most secure way to do it is to use pliers like these.

Feed the wire through a hole in the part and whatever solid part you lock it too, clamp both ends of the wire in the pliers and lock them shut. Pull on the knob at the bottom (ho ho) and the pliers spin, neatly twisting them together, then trim the end with cutters.

The trick is to make sure the wire is effectively pulling the bolt tighter, as well as judging how much wire to use and how much to twist before you snap the wire.

What’s not? For the hard of thinking, it sometimes ends with pieces of twisted and broken wire strewn everywhere as you over-twist the wire, snapping it. But that’s user error rather than the pliers fault.

A small amount of surface rust has developed, but it doesn’t affect them just yet.

Rating: 4/5

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Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging