Product review: Polar Buff

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Polar Buff, £22.99
Miles covered/time:
12,000/three years

What’s good? This smelly old rag has served me well for three years, keeping the area between my collar bones and eyes warm over many cold and windblasted rides.

The Polar version of this famously adaptable neck/headwear has a deep bottom section of Polartec fleece to keep your tonsils toasty, with the thinner-material upper section to cover your nose, bank robber style, which also keeps the chinny-chin-chin warm on real cold days.

What’s not? Gets smelly fairly quickly. There’s a temptation to use it as a ridiculous head cover or snood-style thing (which I have wholeheartedly resisted).

Contact: or see Bikemart for local dealers
Rating: 4/5

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Mark Holmes

By Mark Holmes