Product review: Optiglanz stainless steel cleaner

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Optiglanz stainless steel cleaner, £11.99
Miles covered/time:
Used once a year to repair winter damage

What’s good? I asked the guy at my local Hein Gericke if they had anything to clean downpipes and he recommended this stuff from Optiglanz.

All you do is give the pipes a good scrub to remove loose dirt, spray it on, leave five minutes then rinse off.

I was amazed at the results. For a like-new finish you’ll have to break out the metal polish afterwards like I did, but this spray will remove the bulk of the discolouration as if by magic.

What’s not? It’s pretty evil stuff so be careful – it causes cauterisations, so buy some rubber gloves. Other than that £11.99 is not a lot to pay for shiny down pipes.

Rating: 4/5

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James Keen

By James Keen