Product review: Talco Impact driver

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Talco Impact driver, ‘inherited’ (similar available for under £15 online)
Time owned:
28 years

What’s good? I’ve had this tool since I was at college, having borrowed it from a friend who never asked for it back, so it didn’t cost me anything.

Over the years it has proved invaluable at freeing seized or over-tightened bolts and screws, especially of the cross-headed variety, on a wide range of machines.

I find tools that require a hefty clout with a hammer to fulfil their function very satisfying to use.

What’s not? Takes a while to get the hang of using it and there’s always the danger of smashing your fingers to a pulp with a badly-aimed swing of the hammer.

The blunt end is pretty well mushroomed and the bits are getting a bit rounded off now, but that’s only to be expected after nearly 30 years of use.

Contact: See internet, local toolshops or shows
Rating: 4/5

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Mark Holmes

By Mark Holmes