Luggage review: Lidl B-Square 32-litre Magnetic Tank Bag

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Lidl B-Square 32-litre Magnetic Tank Bag, £19.99
Miles covered:
5000/two years

What’s good? It’s everything you could reasonably expect from a tank bag at a very reasonable price.

Undoing a zip around the main compartment doubles its size to make it more commodious than a small top box. It has a clear map pocket on top and three more pockets on the sides, one of which is also a detachable bum bag.

The magnetic base is flexible enough to secure to a wide range of tanks, from 125s to big sports bikes. Unzip the base and the bag transforms into a rucksack.

Or you can leave the bag at home, attach the base to the bike and use another clear pocket in that to carry a map.

There’s a carrying handle and shoulder strap for when you’re off the bike, and it’s got a rainproof cover which folds neatly into its own pocket, although I’ve found it lets in hardly any water without it.

It’s stood up to a fair bit of use and shows no signs of falling apart. Because it was cheap, I feel comfortable leaving it empty on the bike.

What’s not? Lidl stocks specialist products sporadically and can’t say when it will next be doing bike gear. Details are publicised in leaflets in stores.

We’ll also let you know when plans are revealed. In the meantime, unused examples can still be found on auction websites.

Contact: Check local stores for availability
Rating: 5/5

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell