Trouser review: Sartso ‘Dark Grey’ Killer Kevlar jeans

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Sartso ‘Dark Grey’ Killer Kevlar jeans, £124.95
Miles covered/time:
400/one month

What’s good? The simple fact that these are decent, every day usable jeans that I can wear both on and off bike with peace of mind.

Why? ‘Cos on-bike I’m reasonably protected thanks to the extensive Kevlar panels in the upper section plus pockets for optional hard armour, while off-bike they look good enough to not obviously be biking wear.

Better yet, Sartso have an impressive range of styles and colours available – nine different for men, six for women. I chose the Dark Grey simply because they’re regular fit while most others are loose or cargo-style.

What’s not? Not a lot. They look OK, are comfortable, have normal jean pockets in all the right places.

I’m not entirely convinced by the street cred of this 40-something having ‘Killer’ emblazoned on the belt hoop above his bum pocket and am a little bewildered by the sizing.

These had to be a full size smaller than my usual fit, and they’re still slightly too big, making a belt vital – so check before you buy. Other than that: great and reasonable value

Rating: 4/5

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Phil West

By Phil West

MCN Contributor and bike tester.