Product review: R&G Superbike Outdoor Cover

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R&G Superbike Outdoor Cover, £39.99
Time used:
one month

What’s good? Like most decent bike covers it’s waterproof, has air vents to whisk away trapped moisture and will cover your motorcycle from tip to tail.

There are even clasps to keep it attached, and holes for the links of your chain to slide between. It’s more convenient than rigging up a tarp every morning and night.

What’s not? As the name suggests, it’s designed for sports bikes. While it slips on and off your R6 with aplomb, it will tweak and nudge the mirrors on your Bandit to an irritating degree, and looks a little silly once it’s on.

It’s also not particularly luxurious. A bit of extra padding inside would be nice, as the small amount already there is welcome.

Rating: 3/5

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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel