Product review: TomTom Urban Rider satnav

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TomTom Urban Rider satnav, £249
Miles covered/time:
1400/two weeks

What’s good? For me, the luxury of having some of the thinking and planning of a journey done for me. This version also lets you know in good time which lane you should be in when it comes to tricky filter junctions.

I’ve found that it’s better to glance at the satnav once every five miles or so, rather than fixate on the barrage of information it hurls my way. If I’m stuck, it’s nice to know it’s there (I used to carry a road atlas in my rucksack at all times, but those days are gone).

What’s not? It’s bordering on impossible to adjust once on the move – although arguable that you shouldn’t be trying to type a new postcode in while your attention would be better spent on the road ahead.

However, it’s also slightly too fiddly for my liking to plot a route with my bare finger tips (and I have particularly slender fingers). It’s also debatable whether it’s worth £250 for the luxury of knowing how far you have remaining until you reach your destination.

Rating: 3/5

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott