Kit review: TomTom Rider Europe

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TomTom Rider Europe, £244.31
Miles covered: 3000 miles across the UK, Belgium, Ibiza, Sicily, France, Spain and Italy, in and on various bikes and cars.
What’s good? Being electrically-illiterate I was a bit scared when I found the Tom Tom’s power cable in the box with no instructions as to where to put it, or if it needs an inline fuse etc. It has a plug at one end to fit into the unit and bare wires the other. I ended up wiring it straight into the rear number plate light, when I had it apart to fit a tail tidy, and it all seems to work fine. I must admit to not using the Cardo Wireless headset included with the unit, I prefer just keeping my eye on the Tom Tom to find my way around. I still like maps for touring, it’s all part of the fun, but if you need to get somewhere quickly and easily, the Tom Tom is perfect. It has lots of useful functions and has never let me down.
What’s not? The on/off button on the side of the unit needs a lot of pressure to switch it on. Some of the data display is a little small, but these are only small niggles.
Rating: 4/5

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Michael Neeves

By Michael Neeves

MCN Chief Road Tester, club racer, airmiles millionaire.