Cleaner review: S-Doc 100 Motorcycle Gel

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S-Doc 100 Motorcycle Gel, £16.20 
Liam Marsden   
Time owned:
One year
What’s good? There are hundreds of bike cleaners on the market all offering something different and claiming to be better than the next, but for my money this is the best bike cleaner out there. Simply spray the gel on your bike, have a brew and a biscuit and then hose or sponge it off. Job done. I prefer to ride my bikes as opposed to spend hours cleaning them so this is the perfect tool for me. For stubborn dirt and flies just leave the gel on for longer. If you’re a serial cleaner then five-litre and 25-litre containers are available.
What’s not? At just over £15 for a one-litre bottle it’s not exactly cheap and cleaning an entire bike uses a fair amount of the stuff. But it’s the best bike cleaner I’ve used.
Rating: 4/5  

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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

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