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Disc locks in the MCN Shop

It doesn't matter which sort of motorcycle you ride, there's always a chance some little toe-rag will attempt to steal it. These disc locks are just a small selection of what's available in the MCN shop, at www.mcnshop.com, and are ideal for deterring would-be thieves.

Xena X2

Xena X2, £24.99
Features a 14mm locking pin, key and barrel with 250,000 possible key combination, pick-proof key entry, steel body and is said to be ice spray and drill-proof.

Buy a Xena X2 disc lock at the MCN shop


Xena XX14  disc lock

Xena XX14, £69.99
Lock with a built-in 120dB alarm, triggered by shock and motion sensors. Lock features a broad fit profile and 14mm double-locking, carbide-reinforced hardened steel locking pin.

Buy a Xena XX14 disc lock at the MCN shop


Oxford Titan disc lock

Oxford Titan, £21.95
Comes with either 10 or 5.5mm locking pin and carrying pin.

Buy an Oxford Titan disc lock at the MCN shop


Abus Provogue

Abus Provogue 300, £36.72
Features hardened alloy steel, 10mm locking bolt, said to be easy to use with one hand and comes with a carry bag.

Buy an Abus Provogue 300 disc lock at the MCN shop


Oxford Monster

Oxford Monster, £64.99
Features an 11mm hardened alloy shackle, double locking mechanism and can also be used with a chain..

Buy an Oxford Monster disc lock at the MCN shop

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