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Castrol Bike Polish (£6)

The can comes in 300ml size which is plenty to use for a long period of time on your two wheeled pride and joy. It splatters a bit when you spray it so spray it onto a cloth and wipe it onto your chosen surface.

Let it dry for a few minutes, then with a clean cloth buff to a gloss. There's a slight stickiness when you begin to buff but that means you know the product has done it's job and you just need to make it look shiny.

As you buff you can feel the smooth, waxiness under the cloth and you know the polish is on. You can see it for a start – it's so glossy.

You can use it on all plastics, painted surfaces and chrome. On my BMW R1200RT there's quite a bit of black matt plastic on the dash and panniers. The bike polish evens the blackness and makes it look like new.

It doesn't make it glossy - just a good quality matt, new look. On my chrome exhaust it doesn't take much effort to get it to a mirror finish. The smell of the polish is a pleasant fresh aroma which lasts all week.

It even significantly improves the appearance of faint scratches on paintwork and after a few coats they're barely noticeable. Castrol Bike Polish is a versatile, easy and fun product to use.

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