Heat Holders Men's Long Leg socks

Heat Holders Men’s Long Leg socks, £7

Time used: Two months.

What’s good: Putting these socks on for the first time was a one of those rare revelatory motorcycle moments. They’re lining with a gloriously fleecy layer that has so far helped to keep my feet absolutely, 100% toasty in temperatures not far off freezing. They stretch to the top of my riding boots (a knee-height, £9 ‘long’ version of these socks is also available), and they’re also elasticated further around the ankle and foot area, which stops them from bunching. I’d recommend anyone planning to ride through the winter gets a pair of these (for full lower leg insulation, opt for the long ones, though).

What’s not: On the face of it, £7 might sound a little steep for a pair of socks. In reality, however, they’re worth it. Really, they’re that good. Be mindful if your boots are already very tight, though, as you’ll need to account for the thickness of the sock’s lining.

Contact: www.heatholders.com.

Rating: 4/5

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