White Diamond Metal Polish and Sealant

White Diamond Metals Polish and Sealant, £29.99 (currently on offer at £15)
Time used:
Three weeks

What’s good: Everyone should have a bottle of this in their garage, even if it’s for “just in case” purposes. It cuts through surface dirt, returns most metals to as close to their original finish as possible, and can make the difference between a clean bike and a showroom-clean bike. Perfect for those obsessed with detail.

The glory of this product is that it leaves a protective, wax finish on your shiny bits, meaning it takes longer for them to become dulled in future. The makers also claim it can remove minor bluing from exhaust downpipes…  

What’s not: At the current offer price of £15 it’s well worth it if your bike’s components are designed to shine. I’d question how much of a bargain it is for £30, though.

Also, keep it in the garage if you want the bottle to last. Mine somehow made its way into the kitchen. I did wonder how the hood over the oven hob became so sparkly…

Contact: www.chromeuk.com or 0333-800-0878.
Rating: 4/5

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