Product review: Weise cotton balaclava

Weise cotton balaclava, £5.99
Miles covered/time:
2000/two months

What’s good: Simple, effective and cheap, this is the best way I’ve found to stop my face falling off in our recent Arctic-style winters. Some balaclavas are made from expensive newfangled materials with made-up names that end in ‘tex’.

This one is nothing more than a thin layer of soft cotton, which means it’s far easier to wear under a helmet and more comfortable against skin than all that guff.

Because it’s soft and stretchy, you can move it around to cover that inch of exposed skin on your forehead or nose when it’s really cold.

Or you can pull it down under your chin for the Teletubbies look. And it works. This winter I’ve worn it on long rides when the mercury has dipped to minus eight, and it has proved never less than adequate.

What’s not: It’s difficult to fault a product as simple, cheap and effective as this. The worst I could say is that there’s a bit of stitching on one seam that’s a little untidy. And it can leave you with a bizarre hairstyle when you take it off.

Rating: 5/5