Jizer 500ml Aerosol

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Jizer 500ml Aerosol £4.84

Miles covered/time: Countless/29 years

What’s good: I can remember cleaning my Suzuki AP50 some 29 years ago, using just with soap and water, I toiled for hours, the final result was not that much better than when I started.
When I pointed out my disappointment to my dad, he disappeared into the garden shed, only to re-appear with an old tin can, a paint brush and a tin of Jizer. After a quick guide to how to use it I was away, cleaning everything and getting the desired result.
I have now been using it ever since, it’s great for degreasing bikes, getting off that unwanted chain oil splatters and dots of tar from those distant summer months. It is great when cleaning a bike in detail, especially if you have neglected it for a bit.
This aerosol version is very handy, especially if just cleaning parts in the workshop when you just want a quick squirt to clean the job up. It is water-soluble, so easy to clean off, and the bonus is that it has a rust inhibitor to reduce corrosion during degreasing.

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What’s not: If you are doing a big winter degrease on your bike, the aerosol is expensive way of doing it, you would be better off buying an ordinary can of Jizer and brushing it on yourself.

Contact: www.debgroup.com
Rating: 4/5

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