Skidmarx black flip-up screen

Skidmarx black flip-up screen, £32.95

Miles covered/time: 3000/two years

What’s good: After getting my 24-year-old Kawasaki AR125 re-sprayed (don’t ask why – I don’t know the answer), the scratched dirty-brown screen was spoiling the party.
I was pleasantly surprised, then, to find Skidmarx still offers standard and flip-up screens for this and a wide range of other bikes dating from the eighties to now. It looks smart and the flip-up edge offers extra wind protection.
Essential when you’re flat-out on the red line at 75mph.

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What’s not: Fitting it was a battle. The screw holes didn’t quite line up with those in the fairing. Also, because it’s slightly too thick, the bottom edge isn’t flush with the fairing.
In short, it’s not quite as good a fit as the original. But I got there after a struggle and, at £32.98, I’m still happy.  


Rating: 3/5

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