KTM rear tailpack

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KTM rear tailpack, £107.17

Miles covered/time:
2500/four months

What’s good: This seemed like a great idea as an alternative to a drag-inducing, shoulder-straining rucksack – a tail pack that pops easily onto a bracket on the tailpiece of my KTM Duke 690R.
It looks good, it’s big enough to take my lunchpack, spare visor and gloves during everyday commuting duties (and can be zipped-out from 12 to 18 litres capacity to take extra bits and bobs when touring).
It’s quick and simple to fit, slotting into a horseshoe-shaped bracket and latch which incorporates a quick-release mechanism operated by a strap to make removing it from the bike a quick and simple task.

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What’s not: Unfortunately, the ‘quick release’ mechanism was a bit too quick to release the pack the first time I used it. A few hundred yards after setting off on a trip to Normandy, the pack ejected from the bracket. Luckily I felt it release and was able to stop, turn round and retrieve it before it got run over.
The problem turned out to be that the bolts provided to secure the rear bracket were too long and didn’t allow the pack to locate properly in the latching mechanism. The bolts had to be cut down before the pack located properly – not what you expect, especially after parting with £82.42 for the bracket (taking the sum total to a £189.59 for the complete item).
Neither is the pack claimed to be waterproof, although its contents have remained dry through many downpours. The fact that it’s located in the firing line of the considerable spray of road crud kicked up by the KTM means it soon gets filthy and shabby-looking when used in anything but bone-dry road conditions.

Contact: www.ktm.co.uk

Rating: 2/5

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