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Muc-off Microfibre Wash Mitt

Muc-off Microfibre Wash Mitt, £9.99
Time used: Three years

What’s good: This mitt has two sides – the first is a satisfyingly fluffy, microfibre affair, helping to clean great swathes of plastic while also absorbing water and cleaning fluids particularly well. The real boon to using this gawdy fake hand to clean your pride and joy, however, is with the other side.
It has a plastic and fabric ‘waffle’ finish to it which is very good at trapping and removing flies from the screen and fairings (saves picking the blighters off with your finger nail). There is also a strangely perverse pleasure to slipping on the comfy mitt.

What’s not: Your neighbours will eye you strangely. It’s only really suited to your screen, tank and full fairings – anything else gets a bit too fiddly with a giant muppet mitt on your hand!


Rating: 3/5