Wolfson DS-101a noise-cancelling headphones

Wolfson DS-101a noise-cancelling headphones. £39.99
Time used:
Three months

What’s good: I’ve always liked the idea of listening to music on long motorway journeys or boring commutes, but I also can’t ride without earplugs (actually, ear plug, I’m deaf in one ear), so I was keen to try these. I hoped they’d do the job of both.

They’re ‘in-ear’ headphones, which give a fantastic sound range and when you switch the noise cancellation on (you have to charge them up via USB in your computer – they last 30 hours) they effectively block out ambient noise and make the sound of your music even clearer.

Developed in the aircraft industry, the make noisy plane journeys quiet and I also wear them when cycling, running or in the office when I’ve got my head down writing. You can also plug them into your phone and remotely answer calls. I wear them all the time, except…

What’s not: …for riding. Up to 40mph the headphones are very effective, but as speeds creep up, wind noise becomes too much, you can’t hear the music and you long for earplugs. Over 70mph it’s pure windblast.

Wolfson are working on revised earplugs for more prolonged, high-speed riding. 

Contact: www.it-buy.co.uk
Rating: 3/5

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