Product review: Oxford Quartz disc lock

Oxford Quartz disc lock, £29.99
Time used:
18 months

What’s good? I’m a fan of disc locks as they’re compact, lightweight and offer a very obvious deterrent to opportunist thieves.

The Quartz ticks all the boxes as it takes a few seconds to slide on to your front disc, stops your front wheel from moving, appears fairly difficult to access once on and comes with an un-ignorable yellow cable reminder to wrap around your handlebars. It’s cheap, too.

What’s not? Most thieves are far more persistent than me and I guess that prising this lock off with a crowbar or breaking the pin with a chisel would be the work of just a few minutes.

Either that or two burly men could just lift the bike into a van. This is the cheapest disc lock that Oxford offers, and further up the market the designs become more secure and incorporate alarms, too.

The Quartz is a decent, affordable choice, but if you want real, heavy-duty security you’ll have to spend more.

Rating: 3/5