Product review: Philips Extreme Vision bulb H4

Philips Extreme Vision bulb H4, £32.49 for two
Miles covered/time:
1000 miles/two months

What’s good: The X-Treme Vision bulb claims to provide up to 100% more light than standard halogen bulbs in both dip and main beam.

Without scientific equipment it’s difficult to measure that claim, but the X-Treme Vision noticeably belts out its beam further and wider than standard bulbs.

Fitted to my CBR600F I’d say the headlamp is now at least half as bright again making the definition between tarmac and verge much clearer, a constant issue down the mucky country lanes of East Anglia.

At this time of year improving your night vision is as big a safety feature as upgrading to abs brakes, but significantly cheaper!

Unlike bulbs that use an illegal increase in wattage to produce more light, the X-Treme Visions are designed around the standard 55/60w output and are safe to use with plastic lenses.

They’re also available in single as well as twin packs but it’s worth having a spare.

What’s not: Up to double the light for a couple of quid extra? What’s not to like?

Rating: 5/5