3in1 Copper Grease

3in1 Copper Grease, £4.99
What’s good: Copper grease is incredibly useful stuff. It prevents nuts and bolts rusting together, resists high temperatures and is water resistant. It’s ideal for applications such as exhaust manifold bolts, but be careful – it’s easy to over-tighten a lubricated bolt.

What’s bad: I can’t think of any application where you’d need a lot of copper grease, very quickly – quite the opposite. For applying grease to nuts and bolts a tub is more accurate as you can dip each fastener into the tub as you assemble.

For brake pads you need the thinnest smear along the edges of the pads. With the 3in1 aerosol you get a quick and uncontrolled burst of grease.

Aerosols are fine for light lubricating oils and hairspray; leave the grease in a tub.

Contact: www.3-in-one.co.uk
Rating: 1/5

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