HP Race Power Kit for BMW S1000RR

HP Race Power Kit for BMW S1000RR, £2518.93

Time used: Cadwell Park and Brands GP MRO Powerbike rounds.

What's good: Designed for track use, the kit includes a new ECU and a full titanium Akrapovic exhaust system, which is said to add 4bhp and 6ftlb torque, and save 6.8kg. The ECU gives full power and less intrusive levels of ABS and traction control to each of the four riding modes: 'rain' to 'slick'. Engine braking is also reduced to help smooth-out corner entries, and there's a pitlane speed limiter, too, operated when you hold the starter down in first gear.

There's a noticeable hike in midrange oomph and the throttle response is now ultra-smooth, helping you get on the gas easier in the corners. Now that the traction control is set for performance rather than road safety, it helps you go faster, rather than hold you back in racing conditions. The kit is a revelation and has helped me record my best ever lap time at Cadwell, and been instrumental in knocking two seconds off my Brands GP lap time, too.

What's not: It's extremely expensive, but the technology is mind-blowing. If racing at close to the highest level is what you do, it's bordering on essential.

Contact: www.bmw-motorrad.co.uk, www.bmwmotorradparklane.co.uk

Rating: 4/5

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