Product review: Motrax Allycators

Motrax Allycators £29.99 (£25.59 on MCN Shop)
Miles covered/time:
1500/two months

What’s good: As the name suggests, the Allycators are indicators made from some kind of metal alloy.

They’re only slightly harder to fit than OE indicators, don’t require a ballast resistor like LED indicators and the painted finish has stood up well to two months of winter weather.

What’s not: If your bike’s original indicators are anything like the ones on my 1999 CBR600F the Allycator indicator stems are smaller so you’ll need the Indyspacers (£4.99) to keep the mounting neat and gap free.

The Allycators are fixed to the bike with a large nut on the back of the stem so you need to find a way of preventing the indicator from spinning as you tighten the nut. Use a cloth between tool and indicator to prevent scratching.

Unfortunately, The Motrax brand is defunct but you can still find old stock in dealers or on the web.

Rating: 3/5

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